Lacquer vs Direct Metal Mastering for vinyl records production explained;

We cut on 2 heavily modified Neumann VMS70 cutting lathes with new and much improved cutting amplifiers (SAL74C) and SX74 cutting head. Numerous modification resulting in a short and clean audio path with longer/louder cuts thanks to state of the art pitch computers.

We offer Lacquer Mastering and Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)

Lacquer Mastering: Grooves are cut into an aluminum disk coated with nitrocellulose (nail polish like). After several rinsing baths the lacquer is sprayed with a silver solution then pre- and electroformed into a nickel plate. It’s then centered and preformed into a stamper, which is used to press the vinyl record.
Lacquer masters are typically used for louder, deeper, shorter cuts. (ie Dance, Rock)

Direct Metal Mastering: Grooves are cut into a stainless steel disk with a copper layer. Stampers can be made direct from this. This is not only quicker and cheaper it also less prone to noise/clicks introduced while processing resulting in a much better signal to noise ratio compared to lacquer. Only a handful of independent studios offer DMM and we are proud to be one of them. Accurate reproduction, crystal clear high frequency response, less inner groove distortion, no (pre) echo.
Direct Metal Masters are typically used for longer, dynamic, accurate cuts.

Since we cut both we are happy to help you determine what content is best on which medium. Tricks like: Inside-out playback, locked grooves/loops and laser engraving are also available

Below our cutting prices. Note that these prices are for a flat cut, meaning no (or very rudimentary changes) will be made before cutting. Additional mastering can be booked before cutting thru our website.

Disk Cutting:

Name Description Price

Master lacquer 14" (per side)

80,00 €

Master lacquer 14'' (per side)

115,00 €
12" < 13 min

Master lacquer 14" < 13 min (per side)

115,00 €
12" < 23 min

Master lacquer 14" < 23 min (per side)

130,00 €
12" > 23 min

Master lacquer 14" > 23 min (per side)

175,00 €
DMM 12"

Direct Metal Mastering (per side). Highly recommended for sides >23 mins.

180,00 €
DMM 10”

Direct Metal Mastering (per side)

130,00 €
DMM 7”

Direct Metal Mastering (per side)

100,00 €
Locked Groove Option

Locked Groove or "Loop"

10,00 €
Inside-Out Option

Record from inside to outside of the vinyl. (per side)

50,00 €
Laser Engraved

Laser Engraved Logo etc. Contact us for prices

0,00 €

Master lacquers cut AAA (tape), DXD or pure DSD256. Contact us for prices.

0,00 €

Reference acetate:

Name Description Price
12" < 30min 2 sides

DJ copy / Reference acetate 12" (<30min per side)

150,00 €
10” < 9 min 2 sides

DJ copy / Reference acetate 10” (< 9 min per side)

80,00 €


Name Description Price
Shipping Netherlands

Shipping price for Netherlands

10,00 €
Shipping Europe

Shipping price for Europe region

25,00 €
Shipping Rest of the World

Shipping price for rest of the World

55,00 €

If you live inside the European Union and do not have a valid VAT number you will need to pay 21% tax. EU members with a valid VAT number or people outside the EU never pay tax.