About 24mastering

24Mastering was founded by Mischa van der Heiden (1971) also known as DJ Misjah.

About Misjah

Misjah aka DJ Misjah, Dyewitness, AMbassador amongst other aliases. Misjah is also founder of the infamous Xtrax record label. The name Misjah has been synonymous with quality productions for over 30 years. An innovator, an inspiration and living legend to many.

After producing professionally for more than 19 years Misjah decided to focus solely on mastering in the year 2008 and 24Mastering was born. See full bio below.

My goal is to be one of the best and make 24Mastering known for its outstanding mastering , fast and friendly service, affordable prices and easy online interface. 


About Our Studio

The studio was designed and handbuild by myself Misjah himself. That includes all the desks, gear racks, diffusers, and a lot of the audio equipment. Countless modifications were done to the audio equipment along the years.

Our analog and digital audio hardware tools are extremely versatile, from subtle and transpartent to fat, loud and dirty. See below our high-end audio gear list.


  • Sontec MES-432C Mastering EQ.

  • Vacuvox U23M Mastering Compressors

  • Massenburg GML2030 Dynamic Range Controller

  • Knif Vari Mu II

  • Knif Eksa EQ

  • Hum Audio LAAL (Look Ahead Analog Limiter)

  • AudioTales 1951 EQ (custom build)

  • Maselec MTC-1X Transfer Console

  • Maselec MTC-2 Transfer Console

  • Maselec MPL-2 Peak and HF limiter

  • Maselec MDS HF limiter

  • Neumann BSB74 high frequency limiter (custom mod)

  • Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete Compressor

  • Foote Control Systems P3S ME Compressor (2x)

  • Weiss AFI1 Interface

  • dCS 904 AD DSD converter

  • Horus w premium cards, Merging Technologies

  • Hapi w premium cards, Merging Technologies

  • DAD AX32

  • Studer A80RC mkII 1/4" Master Tapemachine

  • Studer A80RC mkII 1/2" Master Tapemachine

Disk Cutting

  • Neumann VMS70 cutting lathe (2x)

  • SAL74C Cutting Amplifiers (2x)

  • SX74 Cutting head (2x)

  • Pitch18 with remain time module for longer/louder cuts (2x)

  • Audionics Digitally controlled RDL

  • Audionics A/B path Switcher

  • RTW 1119E Peak and Correlation Meter (2x)

  • SME 3012R Tonearm with S2 headshell and Technics 205c-II Cartridge

  • Studer A80VU mkII 1/4" and 1/2" Preview Master Tapemachine for analog cuts

  • Numerous mods for shorter and cleaner audio path (2x)

  • and tricks like:

  • Locked Grooves and Inside-out cuts (reversed direction) and laser engraving.

Monitoring and Routing

  • Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 800D Speakers

  • Bi-Amps by Hexateq Amplifiers

  • Bespoke Subs (2x)

  • Z-Sys z-32-32r Digital Router

  • Z-Sys z-16-16r Digital Router (2x)

  • Dorrough 380D Digital Loudness Meter

  • Crookwood VU Meters

Playback / Misc

  • Sequoia

  • Wavelab

  • Izotope RX10 Advanced Restauration

  • Zaolla Silverline Cables

  • Tascam DA-30 MKII DAT Recorder

  • Sony 7030 DAT Recorder

  • Xilica XP-2040

  • Marantz CD5001

  • Sonoris DDP player for clients

  • EMT 938 Turntable

  • EMT 9 950 347 Turntable

24mastering studio photos

Misjah's Biography

His professional career began in 1991 with releases under one of his alias's "Dyewitness". “Observing the earth”, “What would you like to hear”, “The Future” and “The Masterplan” already put his name on the map of dance floor hits forever. They are considered all time rave classics.

After these releases he started his own label. "X-Trax" which was born on December 1994. He produced tracks with some of his friends: DJ Tim and Jeroen (Groovehead, Jeroen Search) Artists such as Ferry Corsten, Umek, and Piet Bervoets (Rank1) also had releases on X-Trax. Classics from this label include:

  • Trippin' Out,

  • The Club,

  • Special Acid Edition

  • “Access” which made it to the English charts in 1995.

Due to the huge success of X-Trax, Misjah was sought after by such artists like Josh Wink, Jam and Spoon, Reflect, Format One, Finitribe, Denki Groove, etc to produce remixes for them.

He also produced under various artist/project names in different styles of dance music. In 1999 he started another project under the name “AMbassador”. It was under this name that he remixed “Blaze - My Beat”. This remix became a huge club hit and was used in the video clip. It also made it to the English charts.

In December 1999 Misjah stopped doing the A&R for X-Trax and in 2001 started a new label called ReRun and ReRun Booking's DJ Agency.

He released on numerous labels including: Sony, Virgin, East West, Positiva, Low Spirit, Craft Music, Zync, Jericho, etc. Just to name a few. His tracks are being played by many high profile djs as: Adam Beyer, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, etc.

After 19 years of non stop music production he slowed down in 2008 to focus on mastering work.

24Mastering has become a household name in the mastering and disc cutting industry. Mastering and cutting thousands and thousands of releases for labels big and small worldwide.