Mastering Prices

Have a look at our complete list of services and our pricing options. We work with credits. You can buy individual credits or credit packs. Credit packs will give you a discount. The higher the pack, the higher the discount. Remaining credits can be used at any other time. Go here for Disk Cutting prices.

If you live inside the European Union and do not have a valid VAT number you will be charged 21% tax. EU members with a valid VAT number or people outside the EU never pay tax.

Mastering services


E/cd/vinyl mastering per track. Download WAV file.

Mastering additional version

Additional version mastering (i.e.: Radio, Instrumental) (per track). Only valid when ordering at same time as original master.


Track options

16 & 24bit

16 & 24 bit Masters

24 Hour Rush

Guaranteed 24 Hour delivery

MP3 download

Additional MP3 download (per track)

FLAC Download

FLAC conversion


Add MetaData to your wav.


Other services

Stem mastering

Stem mastering service, 110 credits per hour. Please contact with us for exact hours needed for your stem mastering. Usually these rules apply: 1-9 stems = 1 hour, 10-19 = 2 hours, etc...



Mixdown service, 120 credits per hour. Please contact with us for exact hours needed for your mixdown. Usually these rules apply: 1-9 channels = 1 hour, 10-19 = 2 hours, etc...


DDP image

DDP image for CD replication/duplication.

DAT transfer

DAT to WAV service. Price is per track.


Credit packages

1 Credit

1 credit = 1 EUR

€ 1,00
225 Credits

1 credit = 0,88 EUR (40 per master)

€ 200,00
450 Credits

1 credit = 0,83 EUR (37.5 per master)

€ 375,00
675 Credits

1 credit = 0,77 EUR (35 per master)

€ 525,00
1125 Credits

1 credit = 0,66 EUR (30 per master)

€ 750,00
2250 Credits

1 credit = 0,625 EUR (25 euro per master)

€ 1.250,00

Pricing calculator

Use this price calculator to quickly calculate mastering costs for your next project

I want to master:
original track(s) and

Total credits needed: 1

How does work?

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for account. After registration you will receive an activation email. Activate your email by clicking on activation link in your email. If you do not receive an activation email just contact us and we'll fix it for you.

Step 2: Sign In

Navigate to and sign in using your email/password combo. You will be taken to your account overview page.

Step 3: Buy Credits

You can purchase credits by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. The advantage of this is that you do not have to pay every time you want to order a service. When you pay with credit card or PayPal the credits are automatically added to your account immediately after the payment is processed. With bank transfer we will manually assign credits when the money arrives to our bank account.

Step 4: Order

When your account is filled with credits you can start ordering mastering and other services. To order mastering, pick the number of tracks you want mastered, and select additional options and other services. The page will indicate how many credits are needed to fulfil the current order.

Step 5: Upload

After placeing the order you will be directed to the My Orders page. Here you can now upload your audio file(s) that need to be mastered. From My Orders page, you can also download invoice(s) for your orders.

Step 6: Download

After mastering is complete you will receive an email that your files are ready for download. Navigate to Downloads page in your user account section. Simply download available files. Be aware that files will stay in your account for 14 days. After this period files are automatically deleted.