Maselec MEA2

In immaculate condition both cosmetically and functionally. This is the rev 7 with old style knobs. The new knobs are included.


dCS 904

Best on the planet!. 2-channel 24 bit A/D converter PCM up to 192kS/s and DSD 64Fs. Used by BBC, Abbey Road, Howie Weinberg and myself.


Dynamap 730

In great condition the Valley Audio Dynamap 730 Digital Dynamic Processor used for mixing and mastering.(compressor/limiter/expander)

395 euro

Manley Vari Mu

Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor with HP SC (Mastering version) with as good as new 5670 tubes and fresh calibration. In excellent condition both sonically as cosmetically.


Neumann VMS70

Incl Manuals/ schematics, custom console, VU Metering, Alice Phonopak 2 preamp, Lyrec Drive, Sal 74 Amps, Ortofon STL732 Regulated Filter (rare), SX 74 Cutterhead