24Mastering was founded by Mischa van der Heiden (1971) aka DJ Misjah, Dyewitness, AMbassador
amongst other aliases.....



Founder and CEO

24Mastering was founded by Misjah van der Heiden (1971) aka DJ Misjah, Dyewitness, AMbassador to name a few and founder of the infamous Xtrax record label.

The name Misjah has been synonymous with quality productions for over 30 years. An innovator, an inspiration and living legend to many.

After producing professionally for more than 24 years Misjah decided to focus solely on mastering in the year 2008.

Misjah: "My goal is to be one of the best and make 24Mastering known for its outstanding mastering , fast and friendly service, affordable prices and easy online interface.

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The studio was designed and handbuild by Misjah himself, including the desks, racks, diffusers aswell as much of the equipment. Often we do mix downs for clients but mastering and cutting lacquers is our core business.

Our analog and digital hardware tools are extremely versatile, from sutble and transpartent to fat, loud and dirty.

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